Friday, December 31, 2010

Hong Kong

Hong Kong airport must have the friendliest immigration/customs staff in the world; 'please', 'thank you' and even smiles are not uncommon. They are also clued up.

As a frequent flyer (I ashamedly admit to taking over 50 flights this year), the irritation of having to throw away water bottles, only to buy the same bottle for 5 times the price on the other side, never goes away. In Vietnam if you ask why we are not allowed to take water through they look at you blankly or mutter something like 'because its the rooles'

The guy in Hong Kong confidently replied 'Because with over 100ml of water you are able to make a bomb. I know its complete bull-crap but we have to follow regulations. Have a pleasant flight!'.

So if even they think its 'bull-crap' then why do we still have to do it?? It can surely only be down to the huge profits they are making from thirsty flyers inside the terminal.

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