Wednesday, March 15, 2006

You're busted!

Having to endure three mediocre support acts, only to be thrown out of the photography pit during the headline acts first song, I don't feel like saying anything positive about 'Fightstar'.

The atmosphere at The Met was buzzing as usual and the expectations were high. Ex-public schoolboy Charles Simpson (lead singer, formerly of manufactured boy band 'Busted') has claimed that he used to get depressed with the bands hit singles and the army of adoring female fans (oh, the horror). His true love had always been 'Heavy Metal' and he desired a maturer audience to appreciate his 'musical talent'. (He received an 'F' grade in music at school.)

Well he's succeeded - the innocent 10 year old girls have been replaced by spotty 15 year old boys (the queue for chips was longer than the queue for the bar and an 'I am over 18' stamp was being given out on entry). As for his music, well it's more like a stage of adolescence; noisy and rebellious, shouting 'Fuck!' a lot and making 'devil's horns' with his fingers.

The ironic thing is that without the fame of Busted, Fightstar wouldn't have filled one of the local pubs never mind 'The Leeds Met'. Whilst he has certainly moved on, Charlie still has a lot of growing up to do.

Fightstar Bottled at Reading Festival