Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Perhaps Ko Samet's finest beach, Ao Tubtim is relaxing with beach side bungalows (view from in first image)and a fantastic restaurant - yet only a 10 minute stroll to where the action is.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ngoc Ha Shoe Factory

IBLF set up Vietnam Business Links Initiative in 1999 in order to improve working conditions in the footwear industry.

The partnership operates with the support of shoe manufacturers, governments, multilateral agencies and health and safety agencies and has brought improved standards to 60% of the footwear factories in Vietnam.

It has been forecast that the industry will produce 720 million pairs of shoes by 2010. To achieve this objective 412 footwear manufacturers nationwide need approximately VND9.15 trillion ($572 million) to expand their production operations.

Temple of Literature

In 1070 King Ly Thanh Tong founded this temple to pay tribute to education and to those of high academic achievement. Six years later, it became home to Hanoi's first university.

Nearly a 1000 years later they have installed an ATM, much to the shock of the local residents....