Thursday, April 13, 2006

iForward, Russia!

I never listen to Radio 1. Not since Chris Moyles shamelessly mocked the death of 'Best Mate' - and I was only listening to him because he's from Leeds and it seemed like the right thing to do.

So, when I put the radio on tonight,(editing images on the PC and didnt want to play mp3's at the same time) it was a suprise to hear Steve Lamacq announce 'iForward Russia!' as the best new band on the scene. At the same time I was busy trying to sharpen up their energetic, 'cant-stand-still' lead singer on my laptop.

Two days ago I had never heard of them but had been advised by another photographer that they were on the cusp and it was a good time to catch them before they were wrapped up in managerial cotton wool. A few minutes before they came on I asked one of their production team when they were going to start. 'When they're ready', came his cocky, 'I'm with the band' reply. Well, they're here and they're definitely ready....